Jokes from Self Storage Lockers

Like any customer service business you get some funny situations.  Here are some nice jokes from the lockers. These are from managers and owners at I wonder how many comedians utilize SelfStorAll in Kamloops, Spruce Grove and Edmonton

A customer walks into a self storage office to rent a unit. While renting the unit, the manager says “Mam, I need to see two forms of picture ID.” The customer angrily dug through her purse, found her drivers license, grabbed a pair of scissors from the counter and cut her ID in half. The customer said, “Here ya go…”

If you’re in stitches from that one, here’s another great one!

Two lawyers, both tenants at a self storage facility walked into a storage office, sat down and began eating their sack lunches. The manager said “Hey guys, you can’t eat your lunches in my office!” The two attorneys looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and exchanged lunches.

You got to have a sense of humor, especially when moving in or out of an Edmonton or  Kamloops. Be sure to tell these jokes to any other tenants you may meet while working in your storage unit!