Wood Floors Maintenance moreover Cleaning Secrets

The elegance, versatility and natural beauty of wood flooring has made it one of the most popular choices for today’s home owners and with good reason! In addition to the aesthetic trends, wood flooring reduces allergens, dust and other debris associated with carpets without the “cold” feel of tile. An added benefit is that wood flooring fits with any decor both today and tomorrow! It should come as no surprise that wood is one of the most popular trends among homeowners but despite the popularity, few people know how to properly clean and maintain wood floors.

It’s easy once you know how. Keep reading to learn how to clean and maintain your wood floors with these simple tips. Daily Maintenance The ease of dayto day cleaning and maintenance is one of the reasons behind the popularity of wood flooring; a quick sweep with a soft broom or vacuuming with protective bristle attachment takes only minutes to keep your floors looking great. Avoid using wet mops or overwaxing; not only is it messy but both can dull the shine of your floors or even cause discoloration.

Never use vinyl or tile floor care products on wood flooring. It can damage the finish of many wood floors. Preventative Maintenance To keep your wood floors looking their best what you don’t do is often as important as what you do! Especially if you live in areas prone to sand or dust like Austin, take time to purchase a few door mats or small area rugs to reduce grit and dirt from being tracked into the home. Not only will it keep your home cleaner but it will help avoid scratching wood floors.

Other preventative measures that are easy to implement include wiping up spills before they stain; using a humidifier during those dry spells , lifting rather than dragging heavy furniture, and not allowing cleats or other impact prone shoes into the house. Professional Cleaning and Maintenance From time to time it is natural for wood floors to become a bit dull, scratched or just in need of a quick refresh to leave them looking new again. Once upon the time it was a major ordeal to have wood floors refinished but fortunately, those days are gone! Today, wood floor cleaning is as simple as having your carpets cleaned in fact, one of the nation’s fastest growing chains, Kiwi Services, can handle Austin carpets and Austin wood floor cleaning needs with just one call.